Libby Davies

Former MP for Vancouver East

Kennedy's leadership during very challenging times over the past four years, in creating affordable housing, responding to the overdose crisis and pushing for a safe supply, public transit, and the climate crisis has been amongst the best in Canada. I support him to continue doing this critical work for our city.

Chief Wayne Sparrow

Chief of Musqueam Indian Band

Mayor Stewart has worked hard to strengthen the City’s relationship with Musqueam. Kennedy embodies the qualities that a leader of a City of Reconciliation needs, with an authentic desire to build a long-term partnership. With his leadership, our relationship will only deepen.

Katrina Chen

Minister of State for Child Care

Access to quality, affordable childcare is critical for BC families. Kennedy Stewart understands this, and thanks to his important partnership, we’re able to fund thousands of spaces in Vancouver. I look forward to continuing to work with him and Forward Together!

Jagmeet Singh

Leader of Canada's NDP

My friends Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Jeanette Ashe are strong New Democrats who have been dedicated to building a Vancouver for all. Don't forget to vote for Kennedy, Jeanette & other progressive candidates who are committed to making Vancouver a better place for everyone.

David Eby

MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey

Kennedy Stewart understands the depth of the housing crisis people in Vancouver are facing. I know he will work tirelessly to increase the number of homes people can afford and I look forward to working with him to deliver results for people.

Jenny Kwan

MP for Vancouver East

I am supporting Kennedy Stewart because he has worked hard to put the City of Vancouver on the right path towards reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, shown real courage in his leadership in addressing the drug overdose crisis and put sustainability at the heart of the city's future by securing much needed resources to fund transit expansion in Vancouver.

Mike Harcourt

Former Mayor of Vancouver and Premier

Housing is the key election issue and the best way to provide Vancouverites with affordable housing is Kennedy Stewart and his team's plan. That's why I'm endorsing Kennedy and his entire Forward Together slate.

Brenda Bailey

MLA for Vancouver-False Creek

Mayor Kennedy Stewart and Jeanette Ashe are great New Democrats and have done so much for Vancouver. There is a clear choice this election and I'll be voting for them both on October 15!

Tzeporah Berman

Environmental activist

The choice is clear for Mayor of Vancouver. Kennedy Stewart has the experience and commitment to protect our communities and our climate. His new policies to get polluting gas out of buildings is a major step forward for cities in the fight against climate emergency.

Sarah Blyth

Executive Director of Overdose Prevention Society

People need healthy homes and communities. The choice is very clear – Kennedy is the only progressive in this election. While other candidates talk about arresting the most vulnerable, Kennedy leads with care and compassion. He has been a huge advocate for folks in need and it’s critical that we have that leadership continue. Kennedy knows what needs to be done, and he can get it done with a majority on council.

Leah George-Wilson

Former Tsleil-Waututh Nation Chief

From fighting against the TMX pipeline to defending renters and pursuing a more equitable Vancouver, Kennedy has always been there for us. He is the only progressive choice for mayor and it’s my sincere wish to continue working alongside him for four more years.

Dr. Melissa Lem

Family doctor and climate leader

Vancouver needs a bold and effective climate plan – and Forward Together’s commitment to ending new residential gas installations is a huge win for our health and the climate. Kennedy Stewart is the candidate for mayor I trust to make it happen.

Joy MacPhail

Former Deputy Premier

Housing is the number one issue for Vancouverites, and it demands an ambitious, progressive path forward. Kennedy Stewart's plan for 220,000 new homes over the next decade fits that bill, and I’m very happy to support him in this election.

Tim Stevenson

Former city councillor

I’m voting for Kennedy Stewart. Here’s why: I’m so grateful for Kennedy’s advocacy for West End residents and businesses, and I know that so much more can be accomplished with a progressive council majority. Kennedy has fought for all of us – I’m pleased to support him!

Karen Ranalletta

President of CUPE BC

It’s irresponsible and harmful to cut millions of dollars in city services like Ken Sim has proposed. Working families rely on those services, whether it’s affordable housing, libraries, parks or childcare. Kennedy Stewart is the only choice for mayor who will protect our services.

Janice Abbott

CEO of Atira Women's Resource Society

If we want to effect positive change in this city we need commitment and consistency. Mayor Kennedy Stewart has devoted immense time and energy to improving and increasing housing options for everyone, including people most at risk of being and or becoming homeless. This work doesn’t happen in one term. Mayor Stewart is the only candidate who will keep up the effort & lead with compassion to build a city that’s truly for us all.

Carleen Thomas

Former Tsleil-Waututh Nation councillor

I appreciate all that Mayor Kennedy Stewart has done to meaningfully further reconciliation and build a more equitable city. It will be great to continue to work with him supporting arts & culture, and I know he’s the best choice for more affordable housing and childcare.

Moe Sihota

Former MLA

Fighting hate & protecting marginalized communities means electing a progressive mayor with a progressive council majority. That mayor is Kennedy Stewart – he’s always stood up for racialized communities, minorities and the vulnerable. Get out and vote on Saturday, October 15 – vote to keep Vancouver moving forward!

Esther Rausenberg


Kennedy Stewart has the most arts-centred platform of any mayoral candidate, and I’ve seen him passionately champion the arts even through the pandemic. We need Kennedy’s continued support – and that’s why I’m supporting him this election.

Carmela Allevato

Retired labour lawyer

There’s nobody I trust more to be mayor than Kennedy Stewart. He is truly committed to working families and building a Vancouver for all of us, and we simply can’t risk Ken Sim’s reactionary approach. A progressive majority is what we need – get out and vote for it!